Cool....Not Cool...

It's almost Friday folks!! Can't wait. I need to rest!

PS. Oh look to the left!!! What is that, you ask? It's my jumble of blog buttons.. They should be functional now. Spread them like a cold virus.... Thank you to Amy of Amylouwho for her amazing codeage rescue skills! You are amazing girl!


  1. I loooovvee your high bun! You're making me miss having long hair!

  2. Girl, you think our blog is cute?? Well, have you seen yours??? ;) It's adorable!!! Seriously. Thanks for your super duper nice comment. I've never heard of Keenan and Kel until you mentioned it. Then I googled it and figured out why I've never heard of it: we grew up without cable. :)

    <3 kris&kel

  3. You are super cool for coming up with this! Sounds so much better than that "awkward and awesome stuff" everyones doing.
    And your high bun is way cool!

  4. so I know you were tagged already for the hand writting ditty thingy but I am tagging you this time so you have to do it again or atleast say hi to me. LOL.


    Your hair looks way cool

  5. I think it is pretty cool to wear your shirt inside out! haha. It is pretty cool when people help with techy stuff too! Amy is such a sweetheart<3 Have a great day!

  6. Hahahha this is hilarious.
    And I wear my shirts inside out to bed. I know it's weird.
    But I do it. :)

  7. Oh and I added your button ;)

  8. That's such a great post! I agree on everything except the chewing on ice :) I adore your hairdo, always wanted that style but my hair just doesn't want to form into such a perfect bun! Oh well.... your blog is adorable! :)

  9. my love crush is strong on this one J!!! slam dunkin' the c/nc's and hot hair-did...i WANT your perfect eyebrows total. love finding notes from my mom too and have a couple saved in my purse so i can kinda refind them at a later date.

    ah, you bring the cheer to my day every bleepin' time. buttons look great, isn't it so good when you get a little help from friends like that. nice one amy! ♥

  10. HAHAHA! Your cool/not cool picture really really cracks me up! & you look so beautiful! Gravity defying hair dos rock my socks. :)


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