Coming Attractions

1. I decided to start a regular feature in Jongleurville...because...well... I like consistency and features are funtastic! Also, I've got some ideas floatin' round the ol' powerhouse that need some sunshine and fresh air. It shall be called "5 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me _____________" Fill in the blank. Ok, that title was really wordy...I just didn't know what else to call it. *shrugs* But I'm hoping to start this blogventure soon. Like Sunday-soon!  I'm also thinking of tagging some people to guest post...So hopefully you'll want to play along. My first post will be about photography and such. Emphasis on "and such" Wee! I'm excited! Disclaimer: I'm kind of a copycatter (copycutter??). I've seen a similar feature in blogtown...but I hope mine will be a little different...

2.Some more Thrifty Treats!
I'm planning on clocking some serious time at my local 2nd hand store in the near future. Also, if you would like to guest post about your premium and top thrift store finds (like these pretty lasses) let me know!!

3.Outfit Posts (Sort of.).

4. I really, really want to do another Co-Host, Co-Post. Wasn't that thee best!?! (Any takers?)

5. Passover Overdosage!
Woo howdy! Lovey and I are planning to attend 2 Passover Seders, as well as hosting our own Passover dinner the day of. I'm looking forward to eating boxes of matzos, downing bottles of Kedem, and getting rid of our leaven.... (No, we are not Jewish...We celebrate Passover & the Feast of Unleavened Bread for many reasons... Mainly to remember Yeshua Messiah, our Passover Lamb.) Hopefully I'll take lots of pictures. Being hostess and photographer is an impossible task!

PS. Kedem = grape juice, beeteedouble-u!
PPS. Happy weekend friends!
PPPS. In case you're wondering where my other leg is...I'm sitting on it. It looks a little awkward..


  1. Okay good, for a minute there I thought you were an amputee! haha. jk! Sounds like a lot of lovely things to look forward to on this here blog! I will play along:) Have a fab day friend!

  2. Beeteedouble-u, you are awesome! I'm very much loving these new feature ideas - look at you gettin' all creative up in here!

    I might need to guest post about thrift store finds...I've accumulated some good ones!

    happy weekend !

  3. How did I miss the co-host co-post blog spot. Where was I? I am ashamed, I thought I was doing such a great job blog stalking you, I have failed. So I am excited for all of the above. I dont thrift that often anymore but would love to guest post. Except I like to be ask to guest post instead of begging for it. It helps my ego. hahahaha.

    Well my dear I miss our daily email exchanges, are you on twitter? I'm not but someday I will be. We should twitter...

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. always nice to change it up--glad to see you'll be adding new things:D

  5. Your new feature sounds exciting! I like to learn the lessons other people have learned (secret confession: I love that show on the Oprah Network, "Oprah's Master Class" - please don't judge, haha).

    I just went and read the Co-Host, Co-Post and it was adorable. I want to make blog friends like that! So special. ♥

  6. ooo, so many things to look forward to- can't wait!

  7. Sounds exciting! Ironically, I have been thinking about "regular" post themes as well for my little bloggy. Can't wait to see what transpires!

  8. Wow, lot's to look forward to! Hope you had a happy weekend yourself!

  9. i am waiting with baited breath!!!! so excited for the grand reveal lades and ola new feature treats too?! happiness all around. plus i'd love to see your passover pics. one of my besties is of Chinese heritage but married a Jewish fella and converted...full out! she did the nude bath thing (can't remember what it's called) and has a completely different dishwasher for her kosher stuffs. it's cool, she is one of those it's all the way baby kinda gals. way to commit i say but the only thing i can't seem to get across to her is to keep that freaky gefilte fish off my plate. ewwww, everything else is pure delish...except that tragic form of fish flakes ; )

    xoox ♥

  10. I've been to a few Seders (also not Jewish), but they are fun to experience.

    Look forward to all your new stuff! I need some new series on my blog too.

    I'd love to co-post with you. How does it work?

  11. You have so many grand ideas in that pretty little head of yours. :) I look forward to all the loveliness and wonderment ahead. Yes. Yes I do.


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