Coiffure Collage

I was inspired by Heidi's (Grin & Bear It) hair-do slash style post. So I wanted to do a sort of Jongleur's Top10 (ish) haircuts/styles of all time... You should participate too!

1. When I was a wee lass, I had thee BEST bangs ever. Haven't been able to recreate since.

2. Senior in HS. This was the first time I had hair that short and I loved it. Yay! That is, until I realized I wanted long locks for prom. Boo!

3. This was my most expensive hair of all time...I spent about $200 cause I went to one of those fancycakes salons. Never again!

4. Shortest hair of all time. That was from my Roman Holiday moment while in Italy...(although I wasn't in Rome).I used to style it into a fauxhawk... Ahh the days of being cool...

5. This was one of my better days being a blond. I had some DISASTERS after this...You know...the kind that elicit furrowed brows...a look of stupor...what-was-I-thinking kind of moment...

6. Quite possibly my favorite hair cut of all time. It was so wispy and Joan Jettish, but not at the same time.

7. Long, straight and sort of reddish.

8. Long and curly. 

I've stayed at  7 & 8 for the past 3 years. Time to move on perhaps? 

PS. Next time I'll do a Worst Hair post...Ha!


  1. # 6 is my fave! I've been wanting my hair ut like that for a while...finally got the bangs, but I def. need to the whispy, layered--texture thing!

  2. Go back to number six if you change it! You look amazing!
    But I would say my other favs are 7 and 8!
    You are just a cutie!
    My hair stays the same mostly, except when I get it permed.

  3. I am so gonna have to do this. I will do it tomorrow I love this post. # 6 is my favorite and #5 so does not look like you.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. awww that first picture is so cute!
    this is such a cool idea to create a collage of all the different hair styles you've had :)

  5. Great post! I love seeing people's different hairdos, cause I'm quite boring and just change the length of my fringe a little bit.. But you look so cute in all of them, the first one is so aaaaw! I also love no 6, you should do that again!

    xo Lisa

  6. how fun - great idea! I love number 8 - that's basically your current, right?

    But I agree about 6 too - rockin it!

  7. Ooooh I love your "whispy" one. But I also love the last two... I'm a fan of red, though. haha
    You're so pretty!!

  8. I don't think my hair even comes close to being so nice as yours. I do confess to looking forward to seeing your worst. You're brave to venture down the worst-of path.

  9. I'm so glad you did this<3 I love to see how people change. You look like such a rocker in pic 5. I love you as a blond! Being blonde is SO high maintenance though! If you ever went back blonde I think the blonde in number 5 would look amazing with the cut in number 6! If that makes sense haha. YOu are a beautiful girl!

  10. LOVE this post. I have gone through so many different hairstyles and colors. I have somehow reverted back to my haircut from when I was three. I agree with everyone else: Number 6 is so cute. xoxo

  11. Cute post!! thats a lovely collage :):) in #6, 7 and 8 you look fabulous!
    #1 is too cute!

    happen to bump into your blog while it..following you now :):)

    Keep posting

  12. Wow, very diverse styles! I like #6 coz it's so fun and edgy! :P

    Just stumbled into your blog. Following you now! :)

    White Sky Project

  13. I popped over to your blog from Melissa's blog! Loved this post, and kind of did it as well. Really like #5, #6 and #8 :) xo

  14. how did i not notice this before but seeing your collage assemblage has just twigged who you remind me of. hello miss sexy michelle rodriguez look a like!!!!!! total. what a little hottie you are. adore those photos and you suit the blond color too. ♥

  15. Oh man this is bringing back so many of my quality hairstyles growing up! Great post!

  16. how cool to see a hair history. #6 is super cute!

    I don't think I have many pictures of different hairstyles. I'll have to look :)

  17. DUDE! Number SIX rocks my socks. I love it soooooo much.

    You look like a rockstar in the blond pic. Wowza.

    And you obviously can pull off any hairdo in creation. Jealous.

    I love this retrospective. Now I want to do one! ;)

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  19. #6 is def. my fav. I love your bangs and edgy layers! I have changed my hair SO many times, I think I'm going to join in and do a hair flashback post! lol

  20. I love the blonde! It looks so great on you! You're definitely one of those people who can pull of different colors and styles so well! I want to try an pixie cut some day but that makes me get all nervous and sweaty and want to pass out! Eek!


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