Co-Host, Co-Post with Lynn

Janette - Today is a special day, Friends. One that shall go down in blogaroo history, perhaps. An authentic and 100 percent certified Co-Host, Co-Post! Today the Grade A, first class, premium and lovely Lynn of Hearted Girl joins me in Jongleurland for a one of a kind combo-convo about blogging, "total friendsters", and the online community at large.

Lynn -  {BIG DEEP BREATH IN… helps the nerves ya know}
Hey Hey Jongleur-landers!  (like Zoolander but with much less break-dance fighting and Blue Steel facial freeze – although you may spot an Arctic Puffin or two, don’t say you weren’t forewarned)
You have no idea the amount of feathers attached to my cap this week while sharing center stage with Janette. I’ve been a regular in the stands cheering her on for quite some time and like you, I’m always stoked to see what’s new in her hood. 
Janette -  Happy handsprings  Lynncakes! You have been cheering me on for some time! Actually, I totally remember your first comments… They stood out to me because they were thought-full and teeming  with brimfuls of  realness.  (I also remember visiting your blog for the first time…it was love at first read…but that’s another blogpost…)
Lynn - {cups hand to mouth and whispers} um, did you know that there was such a thing as a cyber blood sister pact?
We kinda made one b/c in blogland we’re not necessarily privy to meeting the actual person or even giving them an allotted amount of attention. Today’s culture of click, click....gone isn’t something that’s going to change in the big scheme of things but we collective few who truly vibe within the wizardry that is us and our crazy fun convo-saches realize that even bloggy friends who are miles upon miles apart can grow a strong bond or just makes a momentary connection to be remembered fondly.
Janette- Well put, Lynn.  The more I wade and sift through the blogcosmos, I realize it’s all about that “collective few” that you do click with…Heh! (No pun intended.) For this Jongleur, blogging  has become more than just showcasing the innards of a Janettian heart .  Each post, is a dangly lure hoping to reel in some readers… not for numbers sake…but  to friendshiptize. I love making new friends. (Online and offline.)  I confess, in the very beginning, this was not the case. Serious central! Followers where just added numbers to my cool tally. Lets rephrase…What I’m trying to convey is that followers are not just popnumerals, but potential real friendlies (as much as the distance and internet allows, of course …and not in a creepster kind of way either). I’m looking for some “Wished we lived closer…I think we would be true friends!” kind of associations… You know? And I’m grateful to have that kind of friendship with Lynn. So how did a Hearted Girl and a Jongleur make such an aforementioned connection? Read on…
Lynn-  This story begins with a surprise email I received from Janette and proves without a doubt that anyone who thought www stood for something other than “wow wazup woman” has been falsely mislead. {extends arm, making a sweeping motion to usher the reader on } 

Janette -  Oh yes. The fateful emails that started our fellow blogonaut to total friendster sisterhood pact. Enjoy taking a peek into our personal email inboxes…May be the last time in history…
J wrote: Oh watch out! Coming at you via email!!! Wooo!  Bet you didn't see that one coming, huh!? Thanks for your kind comments! I look forward to them... A lot, actually!!! Mostly all you read out in blogville is "Oh I like X and X and A, Y, Z..." Dont get me wrong I loveth any comments, but you're a breath of fresh and fully oxygenated air! You rarely see such clever and acrobatic verbage like yours in the bloghood… You are cool and minty fresh, Lynn! 
L wrote:   Love the email personification stylz today totala. So what I feel the need to tell you is that YOU bring out the best in me. The way I "talk" with you and feel about you is like I somehow know you better and we are friendsters. I’ve made those X,Y,Z comments but really kinda grunt when I do and mostly it's just that the person didn't share much content that particular day, so what else am I to do? Say nothing? Perhaps, but sometimes it feels like “hey those are lovely images”. I know what you mean about the commenters that scan your posts, say like 2 words and leave within 10secs. Oh well, sad on them, they are missing out on the much bigger picture.
 Totally LOVE connection more than anything; for me it's what blogging is about. Such fab peeps "like YOU" out there … Coolest thing ever that you took the time to write me and shared you acknowledge my comments this way. Girl, I spend sooo much time reading & commenting, it matters to me and the fact you noticed makes me sky-fly-high!!!!!
J wrote: I know exactly what you mean...Connection is key...and that's really why we blog in the first place. When I first began this blogaroo adventure I thought, "Yeah. Yeah.  I'm going to get myself 20,000 followers and sell stuff..." But now as I'm meandering & sifting's not about that. At. All. I've unfollowed so many blogs because I know I'll never “connect” with those fancy  personas... And so, for those kinds of peepsters, I leave AYZ kind of comments... Cause...well... they have so many people small talking and lauding them, that, more makes no difference.  Yeah...I agree we are total friendsters! And I'm waay grateful that we've made a connection... We should get necklaces…like the "Best" "Friend" kind, but they’ll say, "Total" "Friendsters"!!!
L wrote:   Girly of my kindred heart, I am so on par with you about pretty much everything…
Lynn-  When my eyes have spent one too many hours in front of the screens glow and my fingers have been tapped out – LITERALLY! My blog-loving heart becomes renewed with more power than a caffeinated energy boost after reading someone’s words to me. Coming into this social network I fully expected there to be a “honeymoon period” and I know I’m probably still living behind rosy glasses but the highs far outweigh the lows in my opinion, especially when tribe mates link up and build bridges where the words unite.
Janette -  Wish I could add to that statement…but you’ve put it beautifully…Yes…Yes…Lets meet on that  bridge …
Lynn-  {sighs and waves farewell for now b/c she knows Bloggers are the new Rockstars and is thankful for meeting so many thus far – the rolodex is always just a touch away}
Janette -  To all my blogsisters: Thanks for reading and reaching out…


  1. oh yahhhh! it looks so good up on the blog page lades! thank you so much again for extending the invite to join you, feeling a Laverne & Shirley vibe total.... "Shameel, Shamozzle, Jongleur Incorporated"

    haha, so good, you are a wondrous friend! xo ♥

  2. This is so cute! Looks like you two had a blast, great idea!

  3. This is too good. You two are meant-to-be-friendsters and I'm digging the necklace idea. I so enjoy reading both of your blogs, so this little sneak peek into such an insightful truth-ridden convo was so nice to see. The above collaboration is just too much goodness for a Monday!

  4. My oh is a bloggy friend connection for sure! Love that you girlies brought blogging back to its fundamentals...a great place in cyberspace to form real connections with other sweet gals :)

  5. You two are absolutely adorable! Lynn is one of my all time fave bloggers and am so pleased I found you through her.

    Your newest follower

  6. this is so cute! Lynn is zee best! love that friendster collage!

  7. This looks so fun and it was more fun to read! You girls are so cute! Love both of your amazing blogs!
    p.s. those photos of you guys are so cute! Love how you put them together. Looks like you are really hanging out!

  8. this is so fun! i'm so thrilled to have found your blog through lynn :)

  9. What a fun and cute post! Well done you two!
    Love the collage, so sweet!
    xo Lisa

  10. You guys write so hilariously! haha. All the side notes crack me up. And you are both very fashionable lasses. Very cute photos!

  11. Haha these pics are so cute! You two or too funny!!!

  12. Very cute! Aren't iBesties awesome? I love the pictures hahah!

  13. Holy Smokes LADIES! Y'all are all kinds of awesome. Loved taking a cyber peek into your budding two are meant to be bff's, for sure. Just speaking for myself, but the two of you are both a couple of my FAVORiTE bloggy friends! I especially love the genuine comments and thoughts you both leave behind on my lil' ol' guys make my HEART HAPPY! and that's a really good feeling. Cheers to real connections in this fabulous blogosphere! :D

  14. haha, this is awesome! I agree with you about Lynn's comments, they are so sweet! I know you said you're not focused as much on getting followers, but you got a ton over the last few days! Just shows how awesome you really are! take care girly :)

  15. Didn't get a chance to comment on this yesterday, but wanted to come back to say a few things. I LOVE your adorable friendship story and the conversational style on this post. I enjoyed reading it.

    The connection aspect of blogging is amazing. I've been blogging for just about a year now, but only in the last month have I begun to reach out to other bloggers (for some reason I was afraid). Sometimes I get blown off, but most bloggers are thrilled if you take the time to comment or email and a great exhange of friendship and ideas just kind of flows. As if it wasn't cool enough to read all about people's lives, I can now be friends with them, too!


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