Breakfast with Valery

This rendition of Breakfast with Valery is focused entirely on the "Breakfast" part. Valery and I were not in the picture taking mood because we slept super late and woke up super early ...Typical of any slumber party... Looking pretty was no priority...We were only  concerned with stuffing our faces with yummy concoctions.
Well... we thought they were yummy.

1. PB&S sandwich:
I love peanut butter! Basically you spread some peanut butter on bread and top it with fresh fruit. It's so refreshing. Try it! It's like PB&J...But without the added pound of sugar found in jam.

2. Lovey's Berry Delight:
This is actually amazing. First you hollow out a strawberry and stuff it with crunchy peanut butter. Then you top it with some blueberries and drizzle a wee bit of honey on top. Mmm!

3. PB&S Version 2.0
Same as 1, but blueberries and honey added.

4. Sweet Cheese Treat
I don't think this is for the faint of heart. Tomato Basil Triscuits topped with feta cheese and honey. It's salty, cheesy, and sweet all at once. Reminds me of the peanut butter, jelly, cheese, and beef bologna sandwich I tried once. Ha!


  1. OH GOSH. Give me that!!!
    Get it in my bellyyyyy

  2. oh wow those look so yummy! I want to try all of them. Thanks for sharing!

    I love love love your buttons. Grabbing one right now!

  3. You are truly a girl after my own heart<3 {or stomach} Peanut butter lovers unite! Crunchy is definitely the best! I think that anything with pb or cheese for that matter tastes delicious. Nom nom nom.

  4. seriously...pb stuffed strawberry?!!! i have got to try this stellar combo out. awesome shots you camera-wielding Magellan you!

    love girly times like this, when it doesn't mean you have to snazzy up, it's simply about the time together. nice. ♥


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