Hellosies friends! Hope your weekend is going well...
Didn't feel like being my Jongleur self these past few days... Tragedies really get to me...My life gets slowmotiony and I feel deeply extrospective as I sift and make sense of the intricacies of death and living. Here I am. Safe in my home, with my family. Happy. Well-fed................. And under the same blue skies elsewhere, people are in deep sorrow and pain. Lost life..Lost loved ones... Lost homes... It's surreal...
Do you guys get like that?
I got this little quizzo from Amy over at Amylouwho (Check her out! She's awesomecakes!) I've been looking to do more surveys and such, cause A. I like to read the answers and. B. I like filling them out. I also wanted to kind of extend a "get to know me better" tentacle to new Jongleur readers (Hi there!)

Age: Who’s asking?

Bed size: Queeny!

Chore you hate: Ironing

Dogs: Goli (aka Golster, Puppypants, etc)

Essential start to your day: Checking email & weather...

Favorite color: Mustard yellow?!!!

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5'8”

Instruments you play: Guitar, Bongos, Salt shaker...

Job title: (According to boss) Motivational Speaker

Kids: It's in YHVH's hands...Just waiting on Him..

Live: Here. Where do you live?

Mom’s name: Mami!

Nicknames: Jay, Jan, Jettster, Janetty, J-dawg, Neato, Babybear, Little Brittle, Little One, I could go on & on...

Overnight hospital stays: 1 (Boo!)

Pet peeve: People who don't close doors behind them all the way...

Quote from a movie/show: “You can keep your diseased chickens!!!” Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. (If that is your fave movie too, we are automatic besties. Yup. I don’t care if you already have one...)

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: 2 hermanos & 3 hermanas

Time you wake up: 6:30AMish

Underwear: I wear some. (Had to leave Amy’s answer!)

Vegetables you dislike: Uncooked tomatoes & uncooked celery

What makes you run late: Trying to tame the mane...

X-rays: Too many!

Yummy food you make: Oven-baked Chicken, Mexican Lasagna, Latkes, Beef Pate Chaud, Pastel de 3 Leches, etc.

Zoo animal favorite: Zoo bears. Not wild bears. I'm scared of wild bears.

If you have any surveys...send them over! Thanks!


  1. I totally fee the same way, but today I read a blog about a lady who lost her son in his sleep and he was 20 months old and it made me cry because my son is 20 months old. I cant handle stuff like that I try to block it out, it's bad I know but if I dont I will never leave the house or leave my children alone- EVER!

    On a lighter note :

    You forgot to add JJ to the list hehehe j/k
    and your answer for your age is so funny.

  2. 1. Wow you are a bit taller than me.
    2. I liked what you said about kiddos! =)
    3. Love the Fiddler quote! Good one.
    4. I'm a teensy bit jealous of your big family. Awesomeness!
    5. We wake up at the same time! What?!?!?
    6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! (to the undies question)
    7. I agree with those veggies too!
    8. All of those foods sound amazing!

  3. Nice to get to know you a little! That underwear questions is funny.


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