2nd Hand Scores---Black & White Edition

I've had some pretty successful second-hand adventures lately folks. I'm a proud one. Especially when I got  a theme going on... Check it!

1. Long sleeve, pinstriped, button-up shirt for Lovey (Do your fellas like thrift stores too?)- $1
2. Black T-shirt. I think this was brand new.. I heart it tons! It's super soft and 100% cotton.- $1
3. Vintage camera- $6
4. Ruffly  white scarf-$2
5. Brand new bib necklace- $3

Check out your local second hand guys! If you look long and hard you're bound to find some scores and steaks....um...err...I meant "steals". Finding steaks at a thrift store would be awkward...


  1. Oh I love your finds! I actually bought two vintage cameras from an antique store this weekend. I'm hoping to share soon, but I need to take pics! And yep, hubs went with me and he doesn't mind thrifting either.

  2. looks like you got some good stuff!

    thanks for the comment love yesterday! i wanted to answer your questions- i use a canon 30d with a 50mm lens. one of the girls from modcloth mailed me about using my outfit in an upcoming post- i don't know they found me, but i'm glad they did!

    i hope that answered all your questions. happy tuesday! :)

  3. Those are all awesome finds! I can't believe that t-shirt was just a dollar, that's amazing! And the vintage camera is so cool, even just as a decoration of it doesn't work :)

  4. Really cheap and really amazing.
    & is unlikely that the second-hand in my country are more expensive.

  5. WOW you're awesome at finding things!!! I love to thrift.. but I'm not always the best at finding things.

  6. How do you do this? You need to do a post on how you find these things like really can you fly down to NC and go shopping with me. I am really mad at you right now because I am so jealous. Not cool JJ that's my new name for you. Not cool at all JJ.

  7. I love finding steaks at the thrift store!;) Great finds, I love that vintage camera! Does it work? I need to go thrifting, it's been a minute!

  8. Awesome finds! Love that camera and scarf :)

    I need to go thrifting!

  9. p.s. I tagged you in a vlog! Hope you can do it! Loved chatting with you today! =)


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