Thrifty Treats

Hellosies bloghood neighbors! Hope your weekend was fa-boo! I pretty much stuck to my original weekend plans except no hair cut...Kind of bummed about it because I was considering venturing into Bangville yet again. It's time for bangs, I think. Or maybe not. Anyway..

Just wanted to share this thriftical coolness with you all... I decided I wanted to post my thrift store treasures, much like Breanna and Andrea do on their respected and respective blogs (such sweet girls!), but maybe with a little twist.. Cause I'm a fan of twists. (I'm also a fan of parenthetical statements, hence the abundance of parentheses) I'm hoping this will progress into an awesome opp for some fine bonnie lasses to guest post on my blog (I love guest posts!) Basically it goes something like this... You share what department you beeline when you go to a thrift store and then showcase your top (or close to top) finds of all time. Is it books? Is it records? The dress section? Plain and simple. So share what department(s) you check out first and then share a few of your treasured finds... I would love to know your thrift store strategery....

Before I post what I zero in on...Let me tell you what I refrain from purchasing at  the local 2nd hand (You could share that in your post too.)

-Furniture (This would be something I would totally get if I had a truck to haul away my goods)
-Appliances (Although I do like looking for retro toaster ovens and crock pots,  I'm always apprehensive that something will short circuit and turn this jongleur into a crispy critter.( Not a fan of  hair singeing.)
-Underwear (I've never met anyone who bought underwear at a Thrift store...I could be wrong!)

Ok...Here it is. I lock and load on the shoe and accessory departments.

I love flats. Lovey and I are the same height, and I (vehemently) refuse  to tower even one millimeter above his head. I wear the animal print ones with pretty much everything, whether it matches or not. (Each of these pairs was under $4. Woo howdy!)

I love jewelry. I probably own more ear and wrist candy than shoes. (That ring only fits me on my pinky ... Boo! May have to do a giveaway...)

I'm a scarfbear for sure. I tend to wear them no matter the temp. I acquired that green beauty at a thrift store in Barcelona. Ole!

Well... That's it! Tell me if you'd like to participate....

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Email me if you're interested at
PPS. Sorry for such a text-heavy post. I guess I'm a typeative one tonight.


  1. oh wowza! This sounds so cool!

    Do you want to know a secret? I've never been to a thrift store. Eeeek! I know. Crazy, right?

    If I did I would totally be a bonnie lass (that really made me laugh), and participate. :(

    Instead, I shall live vicariously through your thrifting adventures. Aaaaah.

    Happy Valentine's Day, lovely friend!

  2. I also love love scarfs! That jewelry looks great, and I still need a hair cut too!

  3. Great finds. And dont lie Janette you told me that you found the best pair of underwear at the thrift store. Kidding.

    You need to take me thrifting with you. You got an eye.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. I love the way you've showcased your lovely finds! Also, your guest post idea sounds like a ton of fun- I'm going to email you right now! Hope you're having a great Valentine's Day! :D

    star-crossed smile

  5. I LOOOVE THRIFTING/antiquing!!!!!!
    It's so much fun.

  6. Looks like you have some great finds! I look forward to writing the guest post :)

    Hope you had a nice Valentines!

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning me! :)
    I'd love to guest post. I will e-mail you now...
    I don't wear much jewelry, but after seeing your photo I want to check out what my local thrift stores have!


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