San Diego Sweetness

Like I said in my other post, San Diego was not what I'd envisioned inside the ol' powerhouse, noggin', cabeza, etc. etc. I pictured suh-weet sunset walks along the harbor, maybe a little window shopping, and a (alliteration alert!) copious amount of ice cream cone consumption...  But it didn't go exactly that way. We actually spent the entire time at a baseball game and our hotel. Hotel. Baseball game. Game. Hotel. So...definitely not what I pictured.... But it's cool because I got to spend lots of  time with the hubaloo's familia which was a huge blessing and fun central! Lovey is a lively one...withersoever he is, there is laughter and happiness. I'm a spoiled child. I hope I don't sound like an ingrate for not having it my way...It's not that way at all. For real. I love hotels. YesIdo! They are so (seemingly) clean and crispy. Don't you agree? I mean, how do they make their bedsheets so taut?? I need to learn me some tautness skills. Anywho....Here are some pictures...

So who else LOVES LOVES LOVES San Diego???!! And where do you go when you go?
I'm determined to return and have my ice cream cone whilst prancing the streets of downtown...

Much love,
Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Food was greattt bee-tee-double u.


  1. Well at least your hotel was nice. . My Dad use to own his own block fence company and one day while he was painting our backyard I stuck my finger inside one of his industrial painting machine and the cooling fan cut it off

  2. The few times I've been to San Diego, it was to visit my best friend, so I just go wherever she takes me! :) My favorite place we've been though is Coronado Island- it is simply gorgeous!

    star-crossed smile

  3. San Diego is such a great these photos and THAT CAKE!!! YUM!
    xxx to you- Emily from EL Vintage

  4. Lovely photos! I've lived in San DIego all my life, so of course I take it for granted. I'm ready to live somewhere else though. It's time for change.

  5. The pictures are so cute! I've actually never been to San Diego....:( But I really should, at some point. I'm glad your having fun, make the most of your trip!

    p.s., I love hotels...theres something so sterile looking about them (despite that theres people coming in and out of rooms everyday, haha!)

  6. I've never been, but I would LOVE to go there and explore. I love cities. All cities. :)

    The pics are so awesome. Love the mirror self portraits the best.

  7. I love how you styled your photos. You definitely made the best out of just hotel room and baseball!

    You must return for your dream San Diego trip and report back!

  8. OMG OMG This pictures are fantastuc :P
    And all i really want is, go to USA, I dont care where city, I just want to go.

  9. i'm totally catching up on a long awaited visit with you doll! this week was a wily one and so loved reading your comments. make me laugh and smile and heart swell every time. thanks for being and oozing your awesome my way. i love you worried about me (wink) and same scarf sistas, hello!!!! so good.

    okay now then.... what the wah? this is really not how a SD getaway is supposed to go. beach time, no? but alright the cake and fams make up for it all. forgive my haste.

    you look beautiful in your pretty patterned dress! ♥

  10. I love the San Diego area! I'm 120 miles southeast of it, but my boyfriend lives there so I go fairly often. (I'm actually going tomorrow.) I love going to Old Town, shopping at Fashion Valley, hanging out downtown, and visiting Coronado. If you ever go again, I can give you names of specific places/restaurants to hit up.


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