The Rise and Fall of Lovebear

So I've been pondering all the nicknames I've assigned my hubaloo (AKA Lovey, soon-to-be-called Bunnybear) in the past and not so distant past... Since the beginning of our relationship I refused to call him any and all of the following:

1. Hon or Honey
2. Babe, Boo, Baby
3. Yo, dude, or my man.

Nowwww don't get my wrong... It's cool if you refer to your significant love in any of the aforementioned terms..But I just wanted to be more original, I guess... I wanted to be able to shout out ______(fill in the blank) in a darkened movie theater and not hear 20 confused replies...You know what I mean? So here is my list...and I think you should make one too.. least tell me what you call your loveycakes.. I want to know... Cause I'm always looking for inspiration...Haha!

Yup, I think you can see the evolution....

Fare thee well friends,
Jeanette, the Jongleur

PS. At least they're catchy, right?  My dad still calls him "Bunny". My mom calls him "Lovebear" but with her thick accent it sounds like "lover" (LOL) Oh boy.

PPS. I forgot Loveykin That was before Lovebear.

PPPS. I'm still disappointed about Arctic Puffin. For shame. For shame!


  1. I hope not sound like annoying but i really, really, really love the font that you use :) just saying. I mean, the photo you put in this post, is really sweet, even when there is no person in it, the color combination are just fantastic.

    What I want to say is, i really like the composition of that image.

    P.S: sorry for my english, is not very good yet.
    P.P.S: "Lovebear" is kind of funny :)

  2. Ooooh! I love Arctic Puffin! annnnnnd bunnybear. :)

    I am a huge fan of evolving nicknames. I started calling my love Swoopie when we were dating. Then it evolved to Swoop....and that's been his name for the past, oh, 6 years or so!

    And he calls me Swoop, too. So its "Hey, Swoop, could you do that?" and "Yes, Swoop, I can." sort of conversations around here. :) Kind of confusing, right?

    Love this post!!!!

  3. hahah. I feel the same way. I hate it when people refer to their husbands as their Hubby.. I don't know why. Again if they do it, its their choice yadi yada. I just don't like it. I do admit though in private I will call him weird little pet names, but in public NEVER. I am so weird about it, I hate it if he calls me a "pet" name in public. I get so embarassed. haha. I know I am weird. OH and DDP most definitely is Diet Dr. Pepper:)

  4. Come on Arctic Puffin sounds like a winner to me :)

  5. Arctic puffin IS kind of a mouthful though- I like 1-2 syllable nicknames :)
    I've got a givewaway going on - come check it out!

  6. oh em geeeee, see i'm telling you....bring "arctic puffin" back! it needs to be enforced, hello?! the ladies love it and so do i. xo ♥


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