Pen & Paper Post


  1. haha this is awesome! I love seeing other peoples handwriting. Yours is so cute! Love your little juggling doodle!

  2. howling laughter is emanating from the office where i sit right now!!!!! do you realize how outrageously clever you are?! i mean i can't tell you how many times the boyf has taken over my cyber realm & i've never, ever thought to actually use my brain and digits for something other than a type fest flurry. "write something" what thought to thunk!!!!

    if i was a writing analyst i'd have to review yours as artsy, awesome and full of fun. love to the love it miss j to tha j. ♥

    pea ess: thank a you huge for the guest post love, i felt it all the way over here. packed that powerful a vibrant punch is what.

    anytime you need a break and desire a guester, gimme a shout. i'd be down, although could NEVER do the bang up job you do, dontcha know i adore everything here ridiculous amounts. ♥

  3. love this! I never thought of doing this, I may have to steal your idea :)

  4. Cute post! My handwritting is illegible when I photograph it...or I would totally do this!


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