You know those midweek days where you come home drained and dampered from work and the hubaloo says something like, "Lets go out tonight..dinner...a romantic walk...etc etc." Ding! Ding! Ding! Music to my ears, wings to my feet! LOVEEEE me those kinds of days! Instant pick me up! Am I right or am I right?

Last Wednesday, Lovey sprung this line on me and  followed through. I'm grateful. Sometimes, he'll say stuff like that and then flake on me dandruff style. Do your SIGNI-Os do that to you (paint a pretty night on the town..only to later say...nevermind...I'm too tired... )? We're working on it. Here's our last minute, night on the town.

First we drove a very short drive through and around this place (love how the headlights came out on this one):
Our first stop...A local train station. Lovey was scared that the train was bam-boom, right there. He kept asking, "Where's the railing to protect people from accidentally falling on the tracks?" What. A. Cutie."No, seriously. Where is it?"
 Trains are so fun: I want to do a 1920s kind of photo shoot here...Just need to recruit some models who own some vintage luggage:
Ahhh! Here I am... Looking grizzly-ish. Was having a bad hair and face day...Bah!!!
Oh pretty sunset skies:
My pretty Loveybearpantssnickerdoodlepoodandyfacepie! How I loveth thee:
 So after the train station we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I think I've confirmed that this place makes me sick... Yet Lovey is in denial because he loves it so much and secretly wants to go on all days ending with "y".

And we ate inside the trolley....Wee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twas a lovely night indeed!


  1. Such pretty photos! Love the train ones.
    I might be in heaven if I could eat in the trolley! I've only done that once and I was a little girl.
    What a fun date night!

  2. I just went there the other day and wanted to sit in the trolley but didn't get too :(

  3. I love the photos you posted! Sounds like a nice romantic evening :)

  4. What a fun time! I love the pictures (especially the headlight one) and eating inside a trolley is the coolest! Also, I'm pretty sure it would be impossible for you to have a bad face day.

  5. Awww how awesome! The pictures are great, and not having a dandruff-y date is even better ;)
    How sweet!

  6. ding - DONG! love he is whisking you out into the night air and providing appetizing noshes to enjoy!!

    of course the flake off happens to me too but when it does pan out the gold is pure goodness. grizzly...whaaa? NOT! you are a pretty little vision against that glorious backdrop that reminds me of my old bedroom and wall mural of palmers basking under the sunset night skies.

    omgeeee, that's my fave spot at our spaghetti factory. great shots and shares. ♥

  7. Such lovely pictures. I've never been to The Spaghetti Factory. Too bad it makes you sick. :(


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