Leftovers & Hairdo Fiesta!

This week has been a whirl! Where did Wednesday go? It's Friday tomorrow, right? Woo howdy! Anyway.  Just wanted to share two things today...One, dinner last night....And two, my new hair (Which isn't too different than how it was...so not sure why it's causing so much good hubbub with the fams.)
Last night, Lovey and I  had a leftover fiesta! Mostly it was BBQ (from Lucilles!)...but there was some yummy Mediterranean stuff in there too. I think.... So, hunker down and chow, we did!  I really dislike throwing away large amounts of food. So I feel accomplished... We didn't finish everything...but almost.
Pictured here: BBQ chicken sandwich, baked potato, pita, falafel, chicken, steak, biscuit, and a BBQ beef rib. WOW!
And now....Wait for it... wait for it...
Ta daaaaa!!!!!
Yup. There it is. I look really clean with black hair. I like it!

Have a happy Thursday,

Disclaimer: The magenta highlight is a clip in. I'm not that brave. But I look pretty much the same right?
 Ahh..That guy's face cracks me up.


  1. that dinner looks YUM, and your hair looks great! What a lovely blog :)

  2. You look great, so clean. Did you shower too? LOL. Love the hair.

    My mommy didnt call but she texted, she's so hip like that :)

    Write it in lipstick

  3. Oh my! That dinner looks sooooooooo delicious. Nom Nom. Barbecue is my favorite! I love your hair too, you are such a doll. Have a great thursday, I can't believe it's almost friday either!

  4. Hi!
    yummy leftovers!
    The Luxe necklaces are seperate. :-)
    Check out on store.
    xx Emily of EL Vintage

  5. YUM! Did you see I posted the recipe for you?! You MUST try it!!!
    Love your hair. So pretty!

  6. super "curse"in' huge mealtastic! (now you know what it means thought it's approps here ;)

    it looks amazeballs lades. did you know food can be packaged and sent in the mail service...no? well get on it then! lynn needs to be nourished too. haha

    i LOVE your new hairdo total and i don't know if i've noticed before but you have the most lovely almond shaped eyes. beautiful xo ♥

  7. YOU look FABULOUS! Soooooo Pretty!!! & now I want a magenta clip in. :) You trendsetter, you.

    & how about that food!? I wanted to stick my face in that buttery baked potato. Aaaaah.

  8. I'm in a funk today, I need you to do a new post so I can read and laugh.


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