Just call me J. Wellington Wimpy.

I've seen the shockermentaries, I've read the news articles...I know, I know. The fast  food industry is a big, bad monster out to get my arteries, and  foster MSG and meat filler addictions... But my hypothalamus is so unobliging... And I can't resist a cheeseburger Happy Meal (Ahhh! Don't judge me!), every once in a while. A cute, little cheeseburger, a few fries, a small drink. It's the perfect size! And it's so..... Happy! I love burgers. Seriously. A lot. Even bad ones. The dryer, the better. Go fig.
I'm lovin' it...shamelessly,
Janette the Jongleur

PS. Wimpy was the guy that was always eating a hamburger on Popeye. Yeah! I loved him. Wimpy you tha' man!!!!

PPS. All this burger talk made me forget it was Friday! WOW! Any exciting plans??????!!


  1. EEEK!!!! Step away from the burger. ;)

  2. Well now i want Pizza and some fries, 'cause i'm not a big fan of burgers

  3. Ahhh, I love McDonald's too, and I was just craving some! haha, but I'm an enabler- don't listen to me! :D

  4. just last night the KASA & i stopped into burger king for the cheap & cheerfuls. i will not allow you to do the walk of shame alone...wait up! i'm there with ya lades. xo ♥

  5. How could you. Mcdonalds hun. you broke my heart. LOL. We go there but I try to tell my kids it's the devil. they dont believe me. hahaha.

    Write it in lipstick

  6. Yumm...do not be ashamed. I would join you for a Happy Meal any day of the week (just not every day...I am with you, it should just be considered a treat to enjoy and leave it at that!). Oh...did you get a toy ? :) Happy Weekend!

  7. Now you have me craving a hamburger!
    To answer your question on my blog: I think something "minty and lacy" would be absolutely darling, although I do like the cheerful yellow design you've got going on now. Someone did contact me, but I might want to do another design later, so keep your eye on my blog. :)


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