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Purse content disclosure is pretty popular in Blogville... It's cool... I want to do a post like that too...(But not until I think of something that tops this) However, I truly think App disclosures are equally telling...Here's my 2nd App page.. The 1st page is just defaults (Weather, Clock, Etc) and staples (Facebook, etc).

::::::::Bible Apps::::::::
I'm a loyal fan of my Bible Apps...Although I could go for another audio Bible...The reader on the one I have has a predictable and rhythmic voice and style of reading. Gets old pretty quick. Plus, I prefer the kind with sound effects. When it says "thunder" I expect thunder. Spreken?

:::::::Photo Apps:::::
Ever since getting Instagram, all my photo apps have taken a back seat...Like....back of the bus...end of the line...behind the caboose kind of thing... I love Instagram!

::::Lovey's Apps::::::
He's a chess fiend. I whimper when I play chess... I do. It stresses me out and takes me an average of 5-10 minutes to make the simplest move (No lie). He's so patient and reassuring. He says I'm actually good...Pause. CAPITAL EL-OH-EL! What a sweety!

So I've got one more little space to fill with an App that needs a new home... Any suggestions? What are your favorite Apps? Am I missing out on something amazing that I must have??! Let me know!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. If you want to take a screen shot of your app menu, simply press the Power and Home button simultaneously (May take a few tries....)

PPS. What's your Bejeweled Blitz score? Maybe it will put me to shame and serve me right for being boastful...Haha!


  1. I don't have an Iphone, but I do have an Ipod touch.

    Have you ever tried YouVersion.com? It's on online bible and they have all these reading plans and other features too. There is an app available too.

    Also I'm pretty addicted to angry birds and words with friends.

  2. Hellosies! (see what I did there?)
    Oddly enough, I got an e-mail notification of your comment, it just never appeared (O_o) Maximum oddness. Danke for the lurvly comment! I don't have any iProducts but the boy does and I freakin' love playing CashCab on his iPhone. Yay CashCab! I've learned so much (^_^)

  3. OooOO good apps! I was so obsessed with paper toss last summer! Oh man, and I have the hipstamatic app I love it, I have seen the intagram app and been interested, maybe i should check it out! I like the twitter app:) and Angry birds, and words with friends. & netflix is like my fav app, oh and Fat booth is pretty funny. Haha. BTW how do you send an email in response to a comment? I hope your having a great day!

  4. I also have Pandora, Chess, and Photobag. I have a lot..ALOT of apps, and I only use a few, but I always think, "what if I need it?" So they never get deleted :)

    An app that I love is called MusicID. If you want to know what a song is that you hear, all you do is turn open MusicID and it will tell you the Artist and name of the song. I've used this a lot!

  5. So we have a lot in common. ;)

    I have instagram & pandora on my second page. And a Bible Verse a Day app...I'll have to check into those that you have! And as for Bejeweled....if I got that I would probably NEVER put down my phone. For reals. Easily obsessed with that sort of game.

    So, I have a suggestion for your app space. Are you a movie lover?? If so, get the IMDB free app. (that totally just sounded like I was reading from a script. ha.) Anyway. It's pretty amazing. I use it like twice a day, everyday. Mostly because I love movie quotes and movie trivia. I'm such a nerd. You are probably much cooler than I. ;)

  6. I have a blackberry and usually use the basic apps, although I love opentable!

    good suggestions!


  7. once again a first i see! ground-breaking is what. love the full app disclosure today. ever since i got my hot little hands on iPhone magic it's been plagued to death with iTunes orders.

    faves are: pocketbooth, outcolor, ambiance, inkvaders, whole foods (for recipes) and emoji icons b/c i lourves me some cuteness when texting peeps.

    so rad you did this, xo ♥


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