Here's My Face...

According to this cool one's post (ie. Moorea Seal), it's good to put your first face forward...Oh wait...That's not how the saying goes, huh? Hmm.. Oh well.. So in a nutshell, your face is supposed to help readers identify with you... So here's an overdose of jongleur face...

Lets see if it works....Identify away my bonnie lasses!

I apologize for the quality of these pictures...I lack a tripod and holding my 50lb camera (or so it feels) in one hand makes for some unvaried and awkward poses. Oh well...

Have a great day! 

P.S. Anyone thinking about the weekend already? I AM! Having a slumber party with some friends! Wee! I love having a guest room!
PPS. So are we be-frie, st-ends now?


  1. I LOVE this :)
    You rock girl, not kidding, amazing pictures, i like your make up.

  2. I think the quality is pretty good!
    You are such a pretty lady!

  3. It's a lovely face, I want your lips. They are so Julia Robert lips. Ok I feel more connected. LOL :)

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. Thank you so much for your birthday wish :D! Made my day!

  5. I followed you here from Moorea's blog...Okay, that sounded weird (^_^) <3 your blog, *so* glad I've found someone else in the world who says hellosies and means it!

  6. HUZZAH beauteous one!!!!! quality schmallity, they rock seriously. you and that lovely bloom are uber sweeting my cheek pockets.

    can i please have the secret to your perfectly placed butterfly winged corners?! xox ♥

    *** i am awaiting the day when "arctic puffin" shows up in the word verification! ***

  7. I do feel more connected! ;)
    You look very pretty.
    P.S. Love the new signature! It's new, right?

  8. you're so pretty! and your eye makeup is gorg!

  9. um CUTE, this is a great montage of shots ;)
    xo Moorea


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