Guest Post

Hellosies!!! It's my super-happy pleasure to direct you to the charming (and ultra-lovely) Amy Lou Who's blog for my guest post in her |When Music Speaks Series| Check it out. Comment here, comment there, comment anywhere...

Have a happy day,


  1. I loved your guest post. Amy is so sweet:) I hope you are having a fabulous day

  2. Ooh I like Amy I will be reading up on ya over there.

  3. I love your blog! It's so cute! I need to make a "Blogs I Love" page and link you up! I'm looking forward to your future posts!!

  4. So glad you got to guest post! I loved that song and had never heard it before. It was beautiful!

    Sorry about your pic. I made it a little bit bigger. Hope you didn't mind because it is a beautiful photo!

    Thanks for the get well wishes! I'm sure trying. They thought I had the flu but I guess it is just a horrible bug. Still trying to get better.

    Thanks again for guest posting dear. Glad to have a blog friend like you hun!

  5. gonna go check it like right now..... xox ♥


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