For My Viewing Pleasure

Happy Giovedi friends! Le weekend is almost here...Yay! Just a few treats to share today...Maybe you'll like them too...

Woo howdy! 
All I know is I'm definitely buying that metallic nail stuff, cause ever since The Secret World of Alex Mack,
I've been a fan of liquid metal. For real.
And that room!! Squeal central!!!!  It's darling!

Have a lovely day, friends!
-Janette, the Jongleur

PS. If you know who Alex Mack is, we should be friends forever...Immediately. Like... I'm gonna buy the best friends necklace and you can have the "Best" one. Seriously.

PPS. Those tootsies are masterpieces, huh? I could never be a toe model. Nor my Lovey. My poor, potential, future offspring ::::::sighs:::::: I'm praying and rooting for some recessive genes in that department. Haha!


  1. Love that polish, and LOVE Alex Mack!
    Alex Mack wears a hat!

    guess we're besties? ;]

  2. OH MY GOSH. Alex Mack was totally my fav show!! I wish I could melt into a silver puddle!!! And that nailpolish is so awesome:) Have a lovely day deary!

  3. Darn it, I so wanted the Best necklace, guess I have to google this Mack person and then request my friendship charm.

  4. That hair is too beautiful. I love it. :)

  5. I love that nail polish! So pretty!

  6. Wow. That nail polish is amazing!!! And your comment cracked me up! I would LOVE to talk to you. Where are you located? I didn't know if you meant that you wanted to know about where I work, specifically, or just in general. :) My email is in a link at the bottom of my "about me" page.

  7. The shiny dress is soooo pretty! :D

  8. I am super lovin that nail polish! Now, where on earth am I going to find that shade? =)

  9. that dress is so beautiful, I love it-


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