Digi on Feliz Friday

Hello little pretties! Feliz Friday once more.Where does the time go? Woo-wee! I've got a spectacular weekend planned... Thus far church, a dinner party , possible haircut fiesta, and a Princess Bride movie date with Lovey. Fu-un!!! Oh yes. Sooo... Just wanted to share another Digi with you. (Digi = a digital journal entry slash mostly-fun-way-to-share-pictures-with-you kind of post)...This time around? A few of my favorite pics from my Europe trip forever ago. OH! Here is the link to the blank journal I used in case you want to make your own. It's free & legal.

So what are your plans this weekend?
However you spend it.... may it be blessed and safe!

Janette, the Jongleur

P.S. Where are my manners? This is longgg overdue.... I just wanted to thank all my readers for taking a chance on an unknown long-haired lass and following this blog... Thanks for coming and staying in this little corner of Bloglandia....Seriously nice of you to move in! Make yourself comfortable and if you need me I'm at: janettethejongleur@gmail.com


  1. That does sound like a spectacular weekend! I am hoping to get my hair done this weekend too! I love that digi journal it is pretty cool. I hope your weekend is wonderful:)

  2. You've been to Paris?! So lucky!

    So glad you like the staircase photos. You will have to check out the rest that I put up! Thanks for your sweet compliment girl!

  3. Your welcome, lol. I love reading your blog. Happy Friday or Feliz Friday :)

    Write it in lipstick

  4. Your blog is super beautiful!!
    I am getting some much needed romance. ha!
    :-) xxxx to you! Emily from EL Vintage

  5. By the way, email me: StyleatELVintage@gmail.com
    I want to know how you make your amazing posts with the photos.
    I need advice please. :-) XXXXX to you!!

  6. janette, you rock! seriously ROCK, "comment fiesta "...too good!!! do you know how cool you are?! i mean really, my laughter while reading your comments pretty much shakes the boyf up and he has to move to the cross section sofa for safe girth spread.

    i love your cyber journals, cleverly executed girly. and 2 whole months, so lucky! you look great with your cute hair chop, plus when on holiday anything goes right?

    well you know the boyf & i will be low-keying the whole v-dayness but awe, you & lovey are gonna rebel, say it ain't so? at least a little bit of chocolate heart goodness perhaps. xox ♥

  7. my plans this weekened include hanging out with my boyfriend since we can't actually hangout on valentine's day. can't wait to read what u did!

  8. ahh have fun this weekend! yesterday i did worked out and then did some shopping with friends after school, and today i have dinner plans and then a party! going to be fun...unforutnately i doubt i will have a very romantic vday...

    x http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

  9. Oooh! Cute! (I love gelato. Pistachio, specifically.)

    And your blog is fabulous! I'm glad I found it!


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