Affection Collection: Photojojo

4. Camera Lens Mug (This one weirds me out EVERY time I see it!!)
8. The Dreamy Diana Lens

Just wanted to share some quirky treats for any of my fellow pho-phos out there...I love all things photography... and if Lovey & I weren't on a mostly serious budget, I'd spend all my extra pesos here! I really, really want the Dreamy Diana Lens for sure, cause you can't beat the $60 price tag.
Isn't the lens set for the iPhone the coolest invention since air conditioning?!!!! Wow! Who thinks of these things? Simply capital!

Have a simply capital day my bonnies! 
Capital! Capital! 


PS. If you can guess what movie "Capital! Capital!" is from I'll give you a huge and extra loud virtual high five! You. Are. Cool.


  1. You've given me a serious case of the lusties! And dare I guess...Pride and Prejudice? I seem to remember several people exclaiming 'Capital!' (^_^)

  2. Squeal central! Up top ♥Ms. Ace♥ You are awesome!! I remember Sir William Lucas saying it on the A&E version...

  3. Eeps! I love all of this. Especially the miniatiure camera model (photo 1) AND I didn't even know they had lenses for the IPhone! I want to check them out. Also I have been wanting one of those coffee cups for weeks! Great post. Have a great day!

  4. My goodness. I love photojojo and now I want those iphone lens. Badly.

  5. Never heard of it but can I have a high five either way? So young lady you got the cheek bones and the boots I want the lips and a cyber hug. K.

    Write it in Lipstick

  6. That iphone lens IS the coolest thing I've seen in a while! I want :D

    Great blog as well this is :)

    x Christine
    @ Fanciful Vision

  7. I love these - especially the lense mug!!!

  8. OMG I die with the Mini Model Camera so adorable


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