2nd Hand Scores

Last week I went on my first thrift store outing after a 6 month, self imposed, hiatus. I hadn't been shopping for myself in foreverssss! Money has been tight in the Lovey household...(I'm truly a jongleur.) Thankfully, I think we're in the clear now, so I decided to let my thrifty tresses down a bit and ventured to my local Salvation Army thrift store (Goodwill is overpriced). I got all the following for $14. Oh sweetness!
Pictured Above:
.......Mustard yellow hoodie sweater (I live in this thing now. I love it!)
.......100% silk (and still tagged) long sleeve, button up blouseybeautypie!
.......Vintage flowery yellow bed sheet (Now I have 2! Weeeee! Seriously! What are the chances?!)
.......3 vintage picture frames (I was inspired by Breeanna's Thrifty Treats.)
.......Potted faux mini-orchid (Orchids=Bliss)
.......Vintage OJ carafe
.......Stain glass tea light holder
.......Owl figurine

10 items...14 bucks. I'm gooo...ooood. Ok. Ok. Maybe not so good. They were having a 50% off bric-a-brac sale... And the cashier thought I was Asian (typical)and gave me a discount on the other stuff. Still! Score central right?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Janette, the Jongleur

PS. Thank you friends for the sweet, well-wishes. I feel much better than Friday...but still not in 100% jongleur form...but very soon! Lordwilling!


  1. awesome finds girl and for a steal too!

  2. Great find and good deals! I love that mustard sweater! You can always find such cute stuff for the house thrifting, if your lucky all you need is a can of spray paint!


  3. I love that stained glass window tea candle holder! & the owl of course. Awesome finds! I'm glad your feeling a bit better ♥

  4. Oh! I'm sorry you are sick! :(

    & I am loving that cute cute Owl. I think I am currently loving all things Owl. Except for an ex-boyfriend who looked remarkably owl-like.

  5. awe janette, i hope the tricky sickies are on their way out da door love! that's total poo & i'm wishing you a big burst of the "all-betters"!!!!

    but hey now, whatcha got here.... 14 smackers for the whole haul?! dag, nice one lades. i'm like all in love with those bedsheets, how awesome would it be to go thrifting together?
    ya, that'd pretty much be the best day ever. ♥

    pea ess: i know you probz can't feel it b/c you are indisposed with the ills but my arms are virtually hugging you right now! thanks for the guest post comment props...you know you were my inspiration for that post right?! xo

  6. Love all these! Especially that yellow sweater! I haven't had a lot of luck with clothes, but I want to start wearing more vintage/thrift.

    Glad you're feeling a little better. I've taken a break from shopping too. It's about time to go again. I need my thrift fix :)

  7. Dude can you like go thrifting for me. You got the eye man. I would like to do a fashion swap with you for that shirt. No like really I need it.

  8. you have a much better thrifting eye then me!


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