Spring Somethings

Sometimes I resent SoCal for its lack of differing seasons. If the weather does not comply, it's okay,  I still refuse to wear shorts and sandals in December . I shall have my winter! I shall not surrender! Hmm...Maybe I'm an ingrate and don't appreciate the fact that I can wear shorts right now??
Maybe. Maybe.
Nevertheless  I love winter and I love spring. And in a perfect world, there would be a difference between the two where I live.

In a perfect world, of course.
Also in a perfect world...everyone would wear ModCloth because it's so lovely to behold.

Here are some things I think I need for spring...

Seriously, I'm in denial. I live near a school and everyone walking by is wearing shorts and tanks. Tsk. Tsk. In my head it's a snow day... And people are talking of hastening spring...

Have a happy, winter day my friends!
-Janette, the Jongleur


  1. I SO wish it was warmer here. I can't wait until spring. I love all the colors you chose :D

  2. I live in So Cal too and what you said is exactly how I feel! I get tired of sunshine and 75 degree weather, but I know I should be thankful. I want different seasons with snow and then a real spring.

    by the way I love those yellow shoes :)

  3. I like the cold. I would be sad if there were no winter.
    I think you have the perfect attitude!
    Oh and I love that striped dress. So cute!

  4. What's Total? I've never heard of it :)
    And to answer your question about how do you eat or drink a frozen Coca Cola: You wait for it to melt, héhé :D

  5. If you would like you can come to CT...we are having a snow day right now!! I will admit I do love the seasons, however, I feel like winter has been going on FOREVER!!! I can't wait to pull out all of my spring clothes!



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