Some Thoughts


  1. Hey, i'm agree with number 1, 2 and maybe number 7 #justsaying hehe

    P.S. I like the font of the title, what font is that?
    P.S.S Where are you from?


  2. I don't really like tea and I don't drink coffee. I guess I don't like drinking hot stuff. A few of the bloggers I started following stopped posting too.

  3. Some of my books are that way. I just get so excited about new ones I hear about and put down the one I was reading. I have to stop that!
    Brand new bars of soap are awesome!
    I like the way you think lady!

  4. Oh hey :) thanks for the name of the font. My name is Johana, but friends call me 'Jota'
    And is a really nice to meet you or read you ... XD I'm from Colombia :)

    Te mando un fuerte abrazo :)

  5. Ugh, I do the exact same thing with books! I never ever finish books, even when I've read 3/4ths of it.

    You made a comment on my blog awhile back about the McDonald's Happy Meal watches. I just wanted to respond back and say that I ended up eating only 5 happy meals and that I purchased the other watches individually. They were only $2.16 USD each!

  6. awesomesauce of a post! love it and hells ya to one and all points. good for you for sticking to your guns and not compromising, way to keep it unique. ♥


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