Cause "random" is past tense. Yup!

-Is there such a thing as too much cheese?
-Ad hominem fallacies: Learn what they are. Learn to avoid them.
-We just got Netflix. I'm excited, but not at the same time. I dislike about 97% of the movies the world loves.
- Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
-Growing up is hard sometimes.
- Thinking about changing my hair style and color. Must consult with my stylist and friend forever.
-Heard about a 1 hour massage for 15 bucks somewhere in Alhambra. I'm so there. I need a massage.
-Must go for a walk...but I'm a little scarred from a scary incident at my neighborhood park...Bah!
-I've done a lot of waiting this week. I've decided I'd rather be stuck in line at the post office than wait at a doctor's office or at the social security office. Oh boy.
And now for a rundom, random picture:

Somewhere in Washington. A lake. Obviously ;-)


  1. rundom. Love it! haha. To answer your question on my blog, the shirt I used was 100% cotton. But I have made a different pair that was made out of a shirt with 5% polyester

  2. Cool! Thanks for your reply..Appreciate it!

    I try to only wear 100% anything...(Strange, I know)


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