Photography Wish List

1. Tripod
2. Backdrop and backdrop holder (Thumbtacks simply don't work for me...or my poor walls)
3. Small digital camera...Preferrably a Canon... (I don't want to take my DSLR when I go ice skating. That could be a disaster!)
4. Speedlite Flash (Not sure what model yet.)
5. Image Lab (Turns film negatives into jpegs. Oh. Yes.)
6. Fuji Instax (It's like a modern day Polaroid camera...But smaller.)
7. J-Tote (Camera case doubling as a purse=GENIUS!)
8. 50mm lens. (It's only about $350!)
9. Vintage Polaroid camera (Please?!)
10. Cool camera strap. (Found here.) I think I'll just make my own.

It's never too early to start thinking about buying me a birthday present, right?


Jeanette, the Jongleur


  1. Thanks for stopping by Janette!

    Such a great wish list. :)

  2. that exact canon 50mm lens is on my wishlist too! i found it at b&h for $339...

  3. Aww por ahora solo quiero un Trípode :)

  4. In spanish cuatro is spelled with a "c" :) Hopes this doesn't sound mean or anything, just wanted to help :)

  5. What's the aperture on that 50mm? I'm looking at getting a 50mm f/1.8 and it's only around $125. I've heard that it's not a huge difference going with the f/1.4, if that helps make it a bit more reachable!


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