Recipe::::::::::Gourmet S'mores

I'm not sure whether this would be considered a recipe or a serving suggestion. I think it's both. I call it "Gourmet S'mores" (So original, right? Heh.)The word "gourmet" makes me think of something unique, delicious, and consumable in less than 3 bites. While I don't consider a S'more very unique, I do think this serving suggestion is a delicious alternative to the traditional S'more (no campfire required). Personally, I like that it's bite-sized, because I can never finish a normal S'more. It's too sweet after a while. Know what I mean?
 Pretty self-explanatory, but here are more detailed instructions...

What you will need:

  • Lighter
  • Chocolate cup mold (I got mine for less than $2 at Michaels)
  • Chocolate Candy Melts
  • Marshmallow Pieces (I used Kosher Vanilla Marshmallows from Whole Foods)
  • Graham cracker pieces

1.Prepare Candy Melts according to directions on the package.
2. Make chocolate cups according to directions on the package. (Easy enough, right?)
3. Once chocolate has been refrigerated and firmed, "pop" cups out of mold.
4. Use one marshmallow piece (You may have to cut it so it fits in the chocolate cup.) and one graham cracker piece per cup.
5. Fire up the marshmallow with a lighter just before serving.
6. Bite. (Make sure flame has been extinguished.)
7. Chew. Chew. Chew.
8. Smile and be happy because you just ate something delicious.

Jeanette, the Jongleur


  1. Those are so cute and look yummy! thanks for sharing

  2. These would fantastic for a girls night! They look yummy. I love s'mores!

  3. this is brilliant!!!! i'm SO stoked right now b/c you've saved the day. we're having a dinner party in about a week & i got dealt the dessert hand. was stumped on something creative & fun; that everyone would enjoy. this is grade A lades, love it, thank you. ♥


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