Pho Time: Pho Olivia Bistro

My Lovey and I fell in love with pho just before we were married. Our wedding photographer introduced us and we were smitten from the start. Thus far, Pho Thang Long in Westminster is our favorite. Yes, the service is bad, the lady in charge NEVER smiles, and it's impossible to get a drink refill, but their pho makes us forget about it all. We just can't stay away.
In my opinion, Pho Olivia Bistro is no where near as good as Pho Thang Long or Kimmie Pho, but it's definitely better than Pho 88. The service is great, the restaurant is clean, and the owner even bid us safe travels. So friendly!! I'm not even going to mention that a piece of the ceiling fell while we were eating...(pic at end). Nope. Not going to mention that at all.

Never fails: Pho Tai & a Sprite
Drive safe in the rain,
Jeanette, the Jongleur

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