Meet: The Golster

Golster's name is actually Goli, short for Golondrina. I think it's cool that my dad named her after a bird. He's pretty creative like that! Anyway, we got Goli (Chow/German Shepard mix) a few years back...and some days I know we have all regretted it in some way, shape, or form. Everyone in my family seems to have a love-hate relationship with the Golster. Everyone loves her...She's fun, beautiful, and extremely smart. But.... we hate her hugging.  She hugs everyone (ie she stands on her hind legs and grips her front legs around hips, legs, shoulders, etc.)! It wouldn't be so bad if she was a chihuahua , but she can reach my face when she does this (I'm 5'8") and she's pretty heavy...and it's pretty impossible to pry her off once she has a firm grip.

I've read different doggie articles about her behavior. "Experts" say she has separation anxiety issues...which I believe. We have tried the suggested methods to get her to stop. However, all attempts have been fruitless. The Golster thinks discipline and play are one and the same. The only thing that worked is when she hurt her left hind leg and couldn't "stand" for about 3 months. She healed and she's back to hugging. We all hope she'll grow out of it...because she's a darling! She is so very loving...and if her hugs didn't leave scars, she'd be perfect. (That last part sounds like a song...)

Love hurts,
Jeanette, the Jongleur

PS. I wanted to name her Puppypants, but nobody liked that except me and Lovey :-(


  1. awe, she's SO darn cute and the hug-it story makes her even more irresistible (even if she does over-hug). just stumbled into your blog and have enjoyed reading/looking thru! ♥

  2. Thanks Lynn! She IS a sweetie pie! Thanks for taking a looksie at my blog... Come back any time.


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