Breakfast with Valery

Doesn't that sound like a movie title?! I think so. So, I see Valery at least once a week, but there are always about 6 other friends present too. And while we have a ton of fun with our group, it's a different dynamic when it's one on one pal time. Here are some pics from our breakfast-walk-window shopping-perfect fall day in Claremont, CA.

First we ate this:
Some Crust Bakery/Cafe (Clockwise):Egg Slider, Banana-Chocolate Danish, and a Chocolate-Raspberry Croissant.

And then we saw a lot of pretty things...

And we saw some amazing skies:

 And I also snapped a few pictures of us along the way...

Our visit ended with a trip to this amazing antique store in Ontario.

Such a short, but fun morning.And certainly, not our last...

Until next time,
Jeanette, the Jongleur

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