Thrift Store Haul for My Junk Journals + Ideas

Hi all! In today’s post I’m sharing some ideas of what to look for in a thrift shop or charity shop that you can use in your papercrafts! In the video below I share a recent charity shop haul and explain how I’ll be using my finds in journaling, junk journaling, plus give snailmail ideas, and more! In fact, I’ve already started the crafty fun with my “treasures." Here's a sneak peek, but there's more to come:

It’s so fun to peruse pretty paper at charity shops and thrift stores. Plus you’ll have really unique things to use for easy embellishments and other card and journaling embellishments. 

Here’s some suggestions of what you should look for:

-Maps (perfect for journaling backgrounds or to use with your dies and paper punches)
-Botanical books
-Fashion photography books (vintage)
-Art catalogs or books (lots have famous paintings which you could trim up and use in your journal)
-Vintage Sewing Patterns
-Old magazines
-Sheet music
-Books with old B&W pics inside
-Copies of your favorite books to junk journal in
-Hardbound books for journals

Besides using thrift store finds for junk journals and even pocket letters, you can use them for gift wrap, meaningful keepsakes (like this heart garland I made with our travels), and even home! 

Happy crafting and hunting! Here's the video, as promised:

Planner Meetup

planner meetup
Picture by Beverly Edwards

Many times when I'm explaining my hobbies to non-crafters it involves lots of explaining, gesturing, and iPhone photos. The usual questions follow: 

"Well, what's washi tape?" 
"Why do you put stickers in it?"
"What's the point of all this?"

So there's nothing better than meeting people who speak your crafty language. They instantly "get you" and understand your love of stickers and embellished paperclips. There's no judgment or quizzical brows. There's just crafty love!

I met up with some planner friends a few months ago and the memory of that morning always makes me smile. Picture us-- 4 women hanging out at a bookstore cafe, swapping supplies, eating baked goodies baked by one of our own, and talking planners, stationery, and the best shops to buy the former. What a great time!

Friends, I urge you, if possible to make plans to meetup with others who share your interests and hobbies! Whether it's a casual planner meetup or an organized, ticketed planner event, don't miss that opportunity to make a connection and make friends. I met these ladies via a Facebook group called, Manchester Planner Group. If you're on Facebook, just do a quick search on planner groups in your area. Or you can always introduce a friend or family member to the world of planners...or any other craft or hobby too!

Reach out! Meetup! It's nerve-racking at first, but just talk about your planner set up. Or your unicorn planner, and you'll be besties in no time!

My Craft Corner

Oh, hello there! So happy you're here to check out my crafty nook! You might be surprised that I don't have a craft room or studio.  Actually, I haven't had a craft room in years, but that hasn't stopped me from making. Today I'm going to walk you through my creative space, shelf by shelf. If you're without a craft space, that's DEFINITELY OK! You can pack so much into one 3 tiered bookshelf (see below) if need be.

No room for a bookshelf in your home? That's fine too. You can always grab a craft cart or even a plastic storage bin that you can slide under your bed.

 I'm including some pictures for you to see the general look of my space, and then below I'm going to list what you can't see (things in organizers, etc.) Oh, and twinklies and fresh flowers are a must! There's just something about having flowers that inspires me to no end! Do you feel the same?

Ok, so lets get into these shelves...
(Top to bottom, left to right)
-Crepe paper (LOVE using this stuff for making pocket letter embellishments.)
-Journaling cards, embellished pocket mail cards, ATC size-precut cardstock
-Sizzix BigShot (seriously the BEST diecutting machine out there!)

First Shelf
--Reset Girl A5 Ballerina Planner (See my 2017 planner setup)
--Happy Binder, Target Dollar Spot binder (How to Make a Happy Binder aka Junk Journal)
--Kate Spade wallet (too big for my current purse, so I just put it here cause it matches!)
--Heidi Swapp personal memory planner
--Cream Recollections personal planner (first collection)
--Websters Color Crush Travelers Notebook in Rose Gold, similar (Check out some of my creative journaling layouts!)
--Beige Storage box (different mini accordion folders with die cuts, stickers, ephemera, etc.)
--Clear Document holder (scraps of patterned cardstock)
--Striped file folder organizer (digital paper, printables, Pocket Letter® printables)

Second Shelf
--First organizer (Bakers twine, ribbon, twine, embroidery floss, gold thread, cotton cord)
--Middle organizer (Scissors, pens, watercolor brush pens, watercolor brushes, adhesive, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, Tombow Dual Brush Pens for handlettering, Sizzix Die Brush, white ink pens, Calligraphy Set, pencils, odds & ends)
--Last organizer (Doilies, envelopes, bags, thank you cards, blank card and envelope sets)

Third Shelf
--Craft Tools Bin (Ranger Heat Tool, hot glue gun, Martha Stewart mini Scoring Board, Angora Watercolor Palette, notebooks, journals, watercolor pad, long-reach stapler for DIY notebooks, paper cutter/trimmer)
--Mambi Striped Organizer (stamps, acrylic blocks, embossing powders, stamp pads)
--Sticker Bin (alpha stickers, Etsy shop stickers, Tim Holtz phrase stickers, planner stickers, Sizzix stickers, David Tutera for Sizzix planner stickers)

Not pictured
-I have my e-cutter (Sizzix Eclips 2) off to the side on the floor. Ha! I still don't know where to put it, but I hope to purchase a desk really soon.
-I have a train makeup case full of washi tape! It's on the bottom shelf of my coffee table.

Now that I've shared my craft space, tell me about yours! Do you have a whole room to yourself? Do you have a bookshelf like me? Let me know. I LOVE hearing from you!

*This post contains affiliate links. That means I might receive a commission from any purchases you make using one of these links. This doesn't cost you a thing and helps me out! Also just wanted to mention that there's absolutely NO PRESSURE to buy anything. Ever! This is just something I do in case you're interested in any of the products you see. Happy browsing!

Our Whirlwind London Day Trip!

Isn't it funny how sometimes things that aren't planned turn out much better than planning for weeks in advance? Lovey and I went to London on a last minute whim and it was magical! Here's how it came about (picture us sitting on a park bench):

Justin: Isn't it sad we haven't been to London and we've lived here for 9 months already? I mean, it's RIGHT there. Why haven't we gone?
Janette: Honestly? I think because we've both been there before-- it just hasn't been a priority. Plus it's only 2 hours away..we can go any time--but we haven't.
Justin: Ok-- Lets go tomorrow then. Find some tickets for early in the 5AM... and we'll go.
Janette: Like, tomorrow, tomorrow? 
Justin: Yep! Lets do it because school starts next week and this will probably be our last chance to go some where in a while.

And that was that. No wait. Lovey took me to Greggs to buy a bunny-shaped biscuit afterward.


That evening I booked a train on my favorite online train booky thingy, (not sponsored). Tickets to London were a bit on the steep side if you wanted to leave any time before 9AM (peak travel times). But I found a more manageable price with a departure time of 9:30. (Lovey and I have a Two Together train discount card too, which helps!)

Friends, it was literally a 2 hour ride from Manchester Picadilly station to London Euston station! How easy is that?! Also we were both happy we didn't have to wake up super early like we did for our York/Durham trip. For the most part, the train ride was pretty uneventful except for when Justin was trying to open a meat pie I bought for breakfast. That crinkly packaging was THE LOUDEST plastic ever invented! We were in a quiet coach so it exacerbated the situation. I was chuckling (of course), but Lovey was frustrated because he hates disturbing other people's peace and quiet. (Oh, we weren't sitting together, either. The train was packed!)

We arrived at  London Euston at 11:34AM and here's what our day looked like (keep in mind we didn't go inside any of these places). Also I should note that we had 3 arguments [see schedule] and they all happened because we were hangry. (lol I hope none of you think we're the perfect couple, cause we aren't!)

Ok! On to our London day trip schedule:

1. Wellington's Arch

2. Hyde Park

3. Buckingham Palace (We waved at the Queen, of course!)

4. St. James Park (There's a bathroom here with a super grumpy security guy. Have your 40p ready, friends!)

5. Duck Island Cottage (Lovey was fascinated by this!)

6. Horse Guards Parade

7. Big Ben

[Argument 1]
8. Chicken Cottage (Lunch)
9. Covent Garden
10. Shake Shack (Chocolate shakes!)
11. Kings College (Lovey was also accepted here, but he decided on Manchester instead.)

12. Victoria Embankment Gardens
13. Tower of London /Tower Bridge/London Bridge
[Argument 2]
[Argument 3]
14. Olives Indian Restaurant (TOO GOOD!)
15. Back to Euston station.

WOO! Quite a day, right? And did you catch that our arguments were around lunch and dinner? Friends, hanger is real. Take snacks!

Now onto some closing thoughts that might be helpful:

1. We bought the day pass at the Oyster card kiosks for zones 1-6 because we didn't really know what or where we were going. The pass was reasonable (about 12 pounds per person) and worked for the Underground and the Buses! Next time we would get zones 1-3.

2. Crafty girls, there's some fun shops that I forgot were in London. Check these places out if you can:

-Kikki K.

3. There were sweet nut vendors around London Tower that made the area smell like Disneyland. Food stands there are pricey too (also like Disneyland). A tiny bottle of water was 3 pounds! Just go to Wetherspoons if you're trying to find something relatively cheap to eat. It's across the street, plus there's free water and toilets upstairs. ('Spoons never lets us down!)

Okay, that's it for today, friends. Hope you enjoyed our whirlwind day in London! We sure did :)

Thanks for reading and following along on our journey! If you want to see more of our day to day life in Manchester, follow us on Instagram at @jjinmanchester

Shoes vs. Washi

Last month I went to CA to see my parents and I returned home with a suitcase full of craft supplies, tortillas, and Sees chocolates. #priorities It didn't take me long to unpack because I really wanted to get crafty with my Michael's haul and all the other things I'd left behind during our move. So as I was unpacking and organizing my stuff, I realized two somethings:

1. I didn't bring enough corn tortillas.
2. I own more washi tape than shoes.

The latter was a zero-regrets realization. I love washi! I use it a lot in my planners, traveler notebooks, and even snailmail. It's one of my craft staples! And honestly it should be one of yours too.

So what is washi tape exactly? Well... It's basically adhesive tape with a decorative pattern that's used for craft purposes--mainly papercrafts. However washi is great for all types of projects and you can find heaps of washi DIYs and inspiration on Pinterest.

Personally, I love that it's not super tacky, and because of that, you don't have to commit and you feel comfortable making mistakes. I call that a washi-win!

I know my collection pales in comparison to other crafters... I'm cool with that! I'm not jealous. At all. (HAHA! Yeah right!) Actually, I'm sure my stash would be bigger except I'm really picky about the patterns and colors I buy. (Are you like that too?)

So now tell me, friend (and be honest)! Do you own more shoes or more washi? Let me know in the comments below!

And while you're at it, check out this cute washi on Amazon:

Also check out the washi selection at They've got heaps of it and their international shipping isn't too bad! Click below:

*Post contains affiliate links

Journal with Me | Websters Travelers Notebook

In today's post I'm sharing a closer look at a creative journal layout I did for my YouTube channel: The Janette Lane (Journal With Me Process Video). After purchasing a new printer, the HP 3630, I was inspired to print photos and document my memories in my new DIY inserts! I made these with some cardstock, copy paper, and a long reach stapler! So easy and oh so cute! These puppies are going in my Websters Travelers Notebook STAT!

 Here's a tutorial where I used a paintchip brochure to make an insert, but you can use any cardstock:

Check out the instructions here

 For this layout I pulled bits from my stash to use, like scraps, diecuts, ephemera, and washi! These are also my go-to supplies for planner decoration and other papercrafts. But hold on, Janette! What's a travelers notebook? What are Midoris? In case you aren't familiar with Midoris, Doris (for short) or Travelers Notebooks, they're basically an insert/notebook holder usually made from leather, fabric, or other durable materials. They can hold up to 4-8 inserts/notebooks (sometimes more). Each notebook can be used for something different like planning, listing, doodling, and documenting. The holder allows all the notebooks/inserts to be looped together and they become portable. You can decorate them with washi, customizable inserts, embellishments, stickers, and so much more!
So, now that you know what a travelers notebook is, lets get more technical and talk about the elements and principles of design. I’ve talked about this in some of my videos and I go a little bit deeper in my Pocket Letters® online workshop. But I encourage you, especially if you’re a beginner crafter, to do a google search and read a few articles on it. I think it’ll really help you understand why certain designs are more visually appealing and assist you in developing your own aesthetic. I know it sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty fascinating stuff!
Lets talk stamping. I really want to incorporate more stamps into my projects because I have so many cute stamps that I never use. Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with stamping! I hold my breath every time because sometimes it doesn’t work. I either didn’t have enough ink on my stamp, or I didn’t apply enough pressure. So many things can go wrong--but when it works, it WORKS!!!

Tell me about your thoughts on stamping. Do you love it? Hate it? Do you hold your breath and say a prayer too? Let me know. I’m so curious about your crafting experiences!

Watch this video even if you're a newbie or beginner. I know you'll come away with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Supplies Used:

--Long Reach Stapler:
--Websters Color Crush Travelers Notebook(similar):
--Outline Alpha Stamps (large, similar):
--Clearly Kelly Alpha Stamps(mini):
--HP 3630 Printer:
--Tim Holtz Sticker Sentiments:

Oh Castleton!

Castleton is misty, green hills dotted with bleating sheep. It’s a sandwich board outside a pub inviting neighbors and travelers alike. Castleton is muddy paws and muddy boots walking side by side in the early morningIt’s stealing a glance through a cottage window and seeing a newspaper being read--a pot of tea being served…

This quiet and charming town has stolen our hearts. Our second visit to the Peak District felt like our first, and we fell in love again and again. We recommend anyone traveling to the northern part of England to visit Castleton in Derbyshire. Go to Bulls Head and try the mulled wine. If it’s a Sunday, try the Roast. Sample the sweets at the shops. Have some ice cream! Eat a meat pie. 

The climb is steep but walk up the hill to Peveril Castle. See the Caverns. Walk along the public footpaths and follow the stream. When the church bells toll, stop what you're doing and breathe deep. 

Here's a video from our first trip to Castleton so you can see what I mean:

Make the trip if you can, friends! 
Trust me on this one...